Rice krispie unicorn horns

Unicorn horns made from rainbow rice krispie treats by Cake Escapes

We are excited for my biggest mini’s first school summer holidays (I cannot believe she has almost completed her first year at school already!) and have been on the lookout for boredom busting ideas to fill the six week break. I think I have found the answer!  I have joined up with a group of bloggers to bring you the A-Z of Cooking with Kids Summer 2016 hosted by 3 Princesses and 1 Dude!

As part of the A-Z Cooking with Kids, we chose letter ‘U’ and decided that we would attempt to make unicorn horns! My minis love mythical beings – fairies, mermaids and of course unicorns, so they were really keen to have a go. We decided to make them on our lolly moulds, similar to these (affiliate link):

The lolly moulds have good handles (to help prevent sticky fingers!) and the eyes on them are really cute and add to the unicorn magic!

We used a basic rice krispie treat recipe but substituted some of the rice krispies for Rainbow Drops – because we all know that unicorns love rainbows! Here is the recipe we used which was enough to make 8 unicorn horns:

  •  100g rice krispiesIngredients for rice krispie unicorn horns by cake escapes
  • 70g Rainbow Drops
  • 90g white marshmallows
  • 3tbs golden syrup
  • 50g butter


child stirring rice krispies and rainbow drops to make unicorn horns by cake escapesI melted the butter in a pan on the hob and then added the marshmallows and golden syrup, stirring it all together to make a lovely sweet sticky syrup.

Whilst I was doing this on the hob, Little Mini mixed up the rice krispies and the rainbow drops – she loved all the colours of the rainbow drops and had fun trying to pick out the colours when she thought I wasn’t looking!

Once the marshmallows had all melted, we poured the rice krispies into the pan and gave the mixture a stir to make sure all the rice krispies had a good coating. We left the mixture to cool a little bit as we found that whilst it was warm it wasnt easy to mould into the unicorn horn shapes we wanted.

Adding sprinkles to rice krispie unicorn hornsWhen the rice krispie mixture had cooled and become super sticky we began taking a handful of the mixture and squeezing it around the lolly stick. We found it was easier to use a piece of clingfilm around the outside of the rice krispies to stop them sticking to our hands and made moulding the unicorn horn shape easier.  We buit up the rice krispies around the stick and made the tops pointy.

Once we had our our rice krispie unicorn horns we decided to add a little extra magic, and Little Mini did a great job of sprinkling sugar sparkles and hundreds and thousands over them.

Little Mini was very proud of her creations – she could hardly wait to try one! They were a great suprise for Big Mini when she came home from school.  She thought they were really fun but she wasn’t 100% convinced that we had got the horn shape just right – so she is looking forward to having a go at making them (better!) in the school holidays!

Holding rice krispie unicorn horn

If you like these colourful unicorn horns, you will also love these rainbow cupcakes and flower pot cupcakes:

20160521_200857                  Rainbow butterfly cakes by Cake Escapes

You can join in and add your own cooking with kids recipes to the linky, all relevant links will be added to a special Pinterest board.

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