Rainbow Butterfly Cupcakes



Baking isn’t just a great cake escape for grown ups, it’s also a great way for children to get creative and set their imaginations free.

My oldest mini Cake Escaper had a cake sale at school and when I asked her what type of cakes she wanted to donate, she naturally replied “rainbow butterflies, strawberry ones”.

So the challenge was set!

We preheated the oven to 160c (gas mark 4). Next we made a basic equal measures cake batter by firstly weighing 2 eggs in their shells, and then weighing out the same weight of caster sugar, self raising flour, and softened butter.

We creamed the butter and sugar together, and then added the self raising flour. We added half a teaspoon of baking powder and half a teaspoon vanilla extract and mixed thoroughly.

We then dived the mixture into four and used Wilton gel food colouring in red, yellow, green and blue to colour the the batter.  I really love the Wilton gel colours, you really don’t need much to get such vivid colours. You can buy them via Amazon (affiliate link) here: “EU” Icing Colour Kit 28g (By Wilton)

We had some brightly coloured cupcake cases and put them into a muffin tin and then filled the cases with dollops of all the different colours of cake batter. The Mini Cake Escapers especially enjoyed this part-they loved choosing the colours and what order and patterns they wanted to create.

Once each of the cases were around two thirds full of colourful batter we put them into the oven.

The mini Cake Escapers kept a close eye on the cakes and watched them rise, we took them out after around 15 mins (you’ll know they are ready when the sponge springs back up when you gently press it down, or if a skewer comes comes out clean when you insert it into a cake).

I’m sure you can imagine the mini Cake Escapers excitement when they saw their beautiful creations:


Although the cakes were very striking as they were, they still had to go through their metamorphosis to become butterflies…

I cut the tops of the cakes off, and cut each top into half to make the butterfly wings.

We made some strawberry buttercream with 50g of softened butter mixed with 100g of icing sugar and added 1 tsp of strawberry extract. We also added a tiny dot pink gel food colouring, just to add even more colour!

The mini Cake Escapers carefully put a spoonful of buttercream and added the two wings to each cake to form gorgeous fluttery butterflies. Their finishing touch was the addition of hundreds and thousands, which I think set them off perfectly!

We had a lot of fun making these and there were big smiles right from the first thought of the idea to watching the butterflies form. They butterflies literally flew off the table at the cake sale and the Mini Cake Escapers were so proud of their achievements, especially when the cakes passed their taste tests!




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