Places to visit

Lola’s Cupcakes – London

Last weekend, the Cake Escapes family spent the weekend in London. As we rose back to street level from the underground we were surprised by this oh-so-cute illuminated cart. It showcased such a pretty array of cakes – we couldn’t walk by without pausing to look…which quickly turned into buying! Who could resist this colourful sight? Spot… Continue reading Lola’s Cupcakes – London


Bourbon Biscuits: beating the shortage!

Did you hear the one about the biscuit factory flood in Carlisle resulting in a national biscuit shortage? After starting to miss our favourite  chocolate biscuits we had a go at making our own using this Good Housekeeping recipe : For the biscuits: 250 g (9oz) plain flour 125 g (4oz) unsalted butter 125g (4oz)… Continue reading Bourbon Biscuits: beating the shortage!